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eighteen months

Our sweet toddler is 18 months old!   Tate’s little BOY colors are shining more and more brightly.  He lovesView full post »

Trav turns 30!

Happy birthday Travis!  We surprised him with a fancy little dinner party the night before his big day.  The menuView full post »

fifteen months

Even though Tate’s almost 16 months, these pictures are from the past month.  When I stopped doing monthly postsView full post »

jammie time

Another bedtime snippet of Tate at 14 months, with a vintage flair for fun.View full post »

mother’s day, sunset, a field

I requested that we do a mini-photo session with Tate on mother’s day.  Which, by the way, was fabulous!  TravisView full post »

twelve months of Tate

Tate turned one.  The night before his birthday, we recalled what we were doing last year at that exact time: going toView full post »

Colorado Party

Tate’s Birthday Photo Booth from Travis Ramos on Vimeo. We got to celebrate our Bug’s birthday again thisView full post »

Tate’s Ohio Birthday

Tate has had two birthday parties and he isn’t even officially one yet!  Here are some photos from his party inView full post »


Bedtime is definitely one of our favorite times with Tate.  He loves to entertain us and is in his element with both ofView full post »

Double Digits: Ten Months

Happy 10 months, Tate William!  In January, Tate started REALLY gabbing.  He’s now saying “mama” allView full post »

9 Months Old

Time marches on and our baby keeps on a-growin’!  Tate turned 9 months on December 29th and is changing so muchView full post »

O Christmas Tree

For the first time, this year we chopped down our very own Christmas tree.  We went with the Nuttings to a spot nearView full post »


Last month, Tate William took another trip to Ohio with Mom while Dad was in Nicaragua.  He got to meet mom’sView full post »

What Tate’s been up to these days….

Tate’s life through the iPhone the past couple of months!  (they are in backwards order, from most recent toView full post »