Back to Work

They were both there, nestled into the blankets, Tate’s tiny head poking out, his hands curled up by his left cheek, looking for all the world like something so sweet and perfect that it had to have dropped from heaven sometime during the night. Laura, my love, lay across from him. Their eyes were closed, both resting so, so peacefully, so, so sweetly. I gently kissed them both, giving Tate an extra 12 kisses for good luck, and got out of bed. Every fiber of me wanted to be there, next to my beautiful son and my sweet, sleeping love, to wake up and start the day with them like we’ve been doing for the last 2 weeks, since Tate was born.

The catch? I work for myself, so getting up was of my own volition. My friend and colleague, Jeff Walters, and I are starting a non-profit organization called Second Mile Water, and we’ve got four months to get this thing funded and off the ground. So, here I sit in a coffee shop, back at work, striving to do good, take care of and provide for my family, and, in the moment, scale the mountain of email piled up over the past weeks.

I can’t stop seeing my beautiful family, laying in bed so peacefully. God, would you take care of them this morning, allow them to sleep well, bless them as they sleep and as they rise? Thank you for such a life.

As we went to bed last night and as I considered my life, my wife, our child and everything that life holds and has held for us, I told Laura that if nothing else good ever happens for the rest of our lives, we have already experienced more blessing, more good, than we could ever deserve. God is such a good God – and from this coffee shop in downtown Louisville I’m thanking Him this morning.




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