mother’s day, sunset, a field

I requested that we do a mini-photo session with Tate on mother’s day.  Which, by the way, was fabulous!  Travis is so amazing at making me feel special and loved and appreciated.  I got to sleep in, he made sure the house was clean, we went to church and ate lunch there, came home for a relaxing afternoon while Tate napped, then went to a yummy pizza dinner at Lucky Pie and ice cream at Sweet Cow.  I got a fun cookbook as a gift and then we went on a little walk on a wooded trail and lounged on a blanket in a field and took some photos.  Such fun.  Such loveliness.  Such happiness.  Such a wonderful sweet husband and such a darling precious son.


May 19, 2013 - 9:10 am

Mom - Love, love, love! Thanks for sharing! Grana enjoying the photos with me!

twelve months of Tate

Tate turned one.  The night before his birthday, we recalled what we were doing last year at that exact time: going to bed, oblivious!  At 7:30 the next morning, we got to meet our Little Cub for the first time.  These past few days since his birthday, which have included both snow and sunny 70* days, remind me so much of our first days and weeks with Tate.  I can’t believe how much has changed in a year.  Every parent will say it, but it is true – the incredible amount of growth and development that takes place in the first year is remarkable.  Tate was a sleepy, floppy, squinty, fragile, helpless newborn a year ago.  Now, he is a vibrant, active, moving, noisy, laughing, talking (sort of), smiling, eating, playing, learning, social one-year-old!  We have been so blessed by him and have had such a fun and exciting year with him.  Not that there haven’t been challenges…and we’re still getting used to the changes he’s brought to our lives!

This past month, Tate has become a sponge.  He points at everything he sees, wanting to know what it is, or wanting to show us what he sees.  When asked, he can point out trees, rocks, mailbox, Daddy, Mommy, bird, ball, balloon, books, trucks, dog, bubbles and more.  It’s amazing to see him soak up the world.  He loves to get into cabinets and drawers, pulling everything out before moving on to the next one.  He enjoys unrolling toilet paper, eating dirt and rocks, throwing his food on the floor and laughing, drinking out of our glasses, and pushing his trucks around the house.  He’s now no longer just the “victim” of the tickle game, but will try to “get” us back, giggling hysterically the whole time!  Happy birthday to our sweet pumpkin!


We had a lovely Easter Sunday (which was also notable because it’s Tate’s first second holiday:) and enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous weather.  Tate was stylin’ in his cap and bright Easter sweater.  After church we had friends over for brunch and playtime in the park across the street with the kiddos – three girls and Tate.  Later, we went to our other friends’ house for some fun, fellowship, food and kickball.  Here’s Tate last year on Easter:

April 6, 2013 - 1:44 pm

Ashley - Beautiful family!!! xoxo

October 28, 2016 - 7:56 am

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Colorado Party

Tate’s Birthday Photo Booth from Travis Ramos on Vimeo.

We got to celebrate our Bug’s birthday again this past weekend, and Tate had the time of his life!  He loved having so many friends over to his house and getting so much attention.

birthday cake from Travis Ramos on Vimeo.


March 31, 2013 - 9:40 am

Ashley - Ahhhh! Laura, the decorations were perfect. Love the colors! Excellent job! The photobooth was awesome, too. And Tate’s outfit…can’t handle it! This post made me smile from ear to ear. Congrats to you + Trav on being parents for a whole year and Happy Birthday to the big boy, TATE! He is such a happy and loved little boy. xoxo

Tate’s Ohio Birthday

Tate has had two birthday parties and he isn’t even officially one yet!  Here are some photos from his party in Ohio a couple weeks ago.  He got shiny stars and balloons and party hats, a delicious dinner of chicken enchiladas, and a really yummy carrot cupcake!  He also got some great presents including Legos from Aunt Tricia and Uncle Ben; new shoes, a truck, and some summer clothes from Mimi and Papa; a cool wooden push toy that makes fun clacky sounds and some books from Aunt Jen and Uncle Drew.  We also got to celebrate the other March birthdays, Ben and Jen, and the April 1 birthday, Mom/Mimi!


March 29, 2013 - 9:05 am

Ashley - What an adorable family photo!!! And that last photo of Tater in a sweater + jeans!!?? I die….xo