Silent Night, Christmas Eve!



October 28, 2016 - 8:03 am

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Last month, Tate William took another trip to Ohio with Mom while Dad was in Nicaragua.  He got to meet mom’s best friends from childhood when they came to Colorado to visit.  He learned that he loves dogs.  He celebrated his first Thanksgiving.  He learned how to take hats off of his head.  He got his first little cold.  He tasted everything in sight.  He started sleeping on his tummy.  He gobbled many spoonfuls of delicious food.  He started getting up on his hands and knees, rocking, ready to take off!  He smiled a gazillion smiles and laughed his head off.  He got tons of snuggles, kisses, and tosses in the air!

What Tate’s been up to these days….

Tate’s life through the iPhone the past couple of months!  (they are in backwards order, from most recent to least recent!)

singin’ on our walk

handsome in blue

tired bug right before he got his first cold

I love standing! (but I can’t get here myself yet)

little bruiser baby


cuddling with Mimi

Tate wants to be friends with Molly, but she’s not sure

playing with Buddy

love my Papa!

gimme those glasses Papa!

Tate and auntie Mandy

Tate and auntie Katie

no-clothes story time

fuzzy jammie boy in the morning

naked time!

bundled up turkey

what a great view we have

walking around the lake

happy happy boy after his nap!

cutie in overalls

people watching in Boulder

crunchy leaves and beautiful sunlight

little pumpkin playing in the leaves

Papa and Tate, Buckeye buddies…watching football at Cassano’s

Taking a stroll with Aunt Jen

Morning with Mimi

Great-Grandma Diane and Tate with his handknit sweater

the start of a lifelong friendship: Ethan and Tate

snuggled up with Dad on the plane to St. Louis

more swinging and giggles!

kisses from mama

picnic in Chautauqua Park

silly boy!

sunset walk with mom and dad around the neighborhood

swinging and giggles

loving his stroller time!

December 5, 2012 - 5:42 pm

Ashley - I LOVED seeing this photo dump from you guys!!! Fuzzy PJ boy in the morning is my favorite. 😉 But they are really ALL my favorite!