eighteen months

Our sweet toddler is 18 months old!   Tate’s little BOY colors are shining more and more brightly.  He loves climbing, dancing, pushing and moving things; trucks, trains, cars and things that go; digging in the dirt and shoveling sand; and hugging/tackling other kids.   In the mornings, he’s so cuddly and silly and gives sweet kisses.  He proudly attempts new words every day, and is currently working on “candle,” “noodles,” “pumpkin,” “engine,” “mailman,” “oatmeal,” etc.  He loves yelling “mommeeeee!” or “daddeeee!”  when we’re out of sight or when he just wants to hear himself say our names.

At the grocery store, he strongly desires to drive/ride in the “car” cart, and isn’t thrilled if they’re all being used and he’s forced to sit in a regular cart.  He desperately begs “peeeease!” while signing (please) when he sees the balloons all over the store because he just needs one so badly!  He loves to dance and turn in circles to music, and tries to jump but can’t quite get off the ground yet.  He’s getting braver and braver at the playground and will usually go down the slide by himself.  Swinging is another beloved pastime and getting him out of the swing usually triggers a mild tantrum.  From one of our swinging games he’s learned to “count” to three and then say “doh!” (go).  His counting sounds something like “Whhyyyy, yo, whyyy, yo….DOH!”

For a toddler, Tate’s a great eater.  He will try almost everything we give him and will usually eat it – not including green vegetables.  Tonight he ate most of a bowl of vegetarian chili by himself, with a spoon.  (His Elmo spoon).  He’s taking one nap a day which is pretty consistently 2-3 hours long.

Love our little pumpkin so much!


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