Poor Tater didn’t get a monthly birthday in February, since there were only 28 days.  We celebrated on March 1st instead :).  Only one more month until this little man turns a year old! I can’t believe how independent he is becoming; how much of his own personality is shining, and how much he can understand and engage with the world.  He recognizes all kinds of words – “ball” “stars” “bear” “books” “outside” “milk” and many more.  He tries to say many of them, but much of the time it comes out as a “b…b…b…b”, blowing air past his lips to try to make a new sound (which is so entertaining, cute, sweet, and awesome all at the same time). He says mama and dada like a pro.  His brain is making connections, laying the groundwork for how words like ‘balloon’ and ‘Daddy’ will come out for the rest of his life. Tate still loves to clap when you ask him to (or when Mimi and Papa do on the iPad via Facetime), or when you cheer and say “yay!”, and is starting to pick up on the baby signs we’re teaching him.

From Dad: If you ask me, the most amazing sound in the world and by far the best part of my days is hearing that giggle-turn-laugh of Tate’s and seeing his ear to ear smile (that’s starting to turn into a toothy grin!). Tate is always ready to be whisked up and away to tromp around the house, have a laughing wrestling match on Mommy and Daddy’s bed, or play games that keep him laughing for 15 minutes straight. (This morning’s game was with me picking Tate up, bouncing and running Tate from our room across the hall to Mommy sitting in the office chair who would kiss attack him, then turning around and bouncy-running back to our room where I’d help Tate dive on the bed, then we’d do it all over again, Tate cracking up louder and louder each time we approached Mom in the office until she attacked him again.)

One of Tate’s favorite games to play (that he made up) is called golf ball. On the main floor, half our living room is tile and when you hit the kitchen it turns to wood. It’s fantastic for rolling a golf ball around, and Tate entertains himself at length by picking up the golf ball, throwing it (which means it usually just sort of flies/falls out of his hand onto the floor), and then retrieving it. He seems to really like playing around the kitchen table and chairs, because he then has to navigate under and around all the obstacles to get the ball (he figured out pretty quickly that he has to army crawl to get under the table if he doesn’t want to bonk his head!).

As of the last few days, when I’m getting ready to put Tate to bed I’ve been playing this game where put him in the chaise chair in his room and pretend to recline on him, and I sit there for a few seconds waxing on about how comfortable the chair is, then – surprise! – OH, TATE! I DIDN”T KNOW YOU WERE THERE!! I’m so sorry!!! Tate busts up into a huge fit of laughter, and then we do it all again :). So, so much fun. I love this kid!!!!

As Tate is approaching his first birthday, I’ve been thinking a lot about who he’s becoming; what traits he shows – that sort of thing. One of them that stands out above the rest is that everywhere Tate goes – and this has been true since he was the littlest squeak – he lights up the place. Tate’s smile is contagious, his eyes full of light, and even before he could communicate with words he could be carried into any room and just capture the hearts and attention of people, laughing and noising away, scrunching his nose and through his expressions speak life and light into others. I hope this is something that is always true of my son – that he will always bring that light wherever he goes.

Tate, here’s your 11-month birthday pictures! Mom took them, and I made you laugh :D. Love you!!

March 2, 2013 - 8:10 pm

Donna Hancock Iager - Travis and Laura, This website u have set up and showing the daily growth of Tate and sharing his ways of changing with your words and pictures is a great tribute to Tate by very loving parents. A VERY LOVING GESTURE TO YOUR FIRSTBORN SON….Grandma Deb can’t stop bragging and sending pictures to me which I love to see and knowing it makes my best friend so happy, it also makes me happy..LOVE DONNA

March 3, 2013 - 8:28 am

Travis - Donna, thank you so much for your kind words!! Hope you are well and enjoying life!

March 3, 2013 - 11:15 pm


March 12, 2013 - 1:53 pm

Grandpa Ramos - Soooo precious!

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